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STEP 1: Choose your product...

Bet Selector Gold NOW FREE (was $450). This version includes:

Bet Selector Ultimate $375. This version includes everything in the above Gold version plus the following extras:

Bet Selector Professional $775 ($475 if upgrading from Ultimate). This version includes the following features:

STEP 2: Select your product/price below and make your payment...

Simply select the product/price from the "Product" drop down below and enter your name, email and reference number. Then click the "Pay Now" button, and you'll be transferred to our Bank's secure credit card payment service (note only Visa and MasterCard are accepted):

Product (see note 1):

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Note 1: It is very important that you select the correct product/price in the above "Product" drop down as this determines how much you will pay and you will not be able to change the price later on. Your name and email address can be entered along with your Visa or MasterCard details on the next page which is secure.

Note 2: To be allocated a Reference Number or confirm one previously provided to you, just email us at

Note 3: For full access to upcoming form and exclusive data like AAP ratings and early markets you need a $55 a month subscription from Bestform

If you wish to pay by cheque or money order then you must make these payable to BET SELECTOR and post to PO Box 1435, Kingscliff NSW 2487.

Things You Should Know Before Paying...

Payment Details: All prices are in Australian Dollars and all payment transactions are processed in Australian Dollars. The merchant name reported on credit card transactions is Bet Selector. Our ABN is 45 648 237 131 and Tax Invoices are available on request.

Credit Card Security: Payments are processed by the National Australia Bank using industry standard Secure Socket layer 128-bit encryption technology to secure your credit card details when transmitted over the Internet. In accordance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) your credit card and other details are processed on a server located at the Bank behind a secure firewall and only accessible by authorised Bank personnel (even we don't see your card details).

Program can only be used on Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore races: Our program can be used anywhere in the world but it can only be used to analyse form for Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore gallops races and such form must be purchased from an Australian based form provider supported by our program - for example a $55 a month subscription from Bestform

System Requirements: The program requires an internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1366 by 768. It works best under Windows 10 but will also work under Windows 7 or 8 (older versions of Windows like XP and Vista are not recommended as they do not support the required level of security for Bet Selector to make secure internet connections). It won't work on non-Windows devices although Apple Mac users may be able to use a Windows emulator like Parallels to get it to work. If attempting to run the program on a Windows tablet please note an SSD of at least 128 GB is required (256 GB or more is better).

Delivery of Program: Both the program and instructions are available via the Internet. If you make a successful payment using the above secure Internet credit card payment facility you will automatically be transferred to a download page. If you order by any other means we will email you the instructions on how to get to the download page. The program is around 2.0mb in size.

Password Protection: The first time you run the program it will display a code and ask for a password. By emailing us with the displayed code we will allocate the required password either straight away or within a matter of hours (might be slightly longer outside business hours).

Cancellation/Refunds: If through accident or change of mind you decide you would like to cancel your payment, we will only allow this if you have not yet requested and been allocated a password for the program. The only exception would be if we were required to provide a refund by law for example if we misled you by telling you the program did something which it didn't. Note: We take particular care in regard to describing what our program does and expect prospective purchasers to take the same care when making their decision to purchase. In particular you should be aware that Bet Selector is a tool to help you analyse form and run system tests and in no way will it or we guarantee you will profit from its use.

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