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Race Day Live for Race TAB Scratchings, Prices and Results

Note: This page explains the data collected and displayed in the Race Day Live module of Bet Selector. For an explanation on the live betting features (found on the far right hand side of the Race Day Live module) go to our TAB Betting Help Page

Race Day Live (previously called Race TAB Live) gives you real time access to win and place prices, scratchings, track conditions and results for each race. All Bet Selector form files and ratings are updated in accordance with the updated scratchings and track conditions.

Race Day Live is most frequently used on race day morning to automatically update scratchings for TAB races. Then on race day evenings Race Day Live is used to automatically update race results. Note Race Day Live only collects the necessary data when you request it (viz after you click a button telling it to do so) and does not collect or record TAB fluctuations or allow you to compare one TAB against another.

In the top left hand corner of the Race Day Live window are the following radio buttons for selecting the betting data source:

Next on the Race Day Live window is a date drop down list for selecting the date (below this there is a "Work Offline" checkbox which can be used if you want to quickly access previously saved data without having to update via the data feed). Then comes the following controls to select which races you want to collect data for:

New in 2023: There is now a filter box alongside the GET DATA button into which you can type System Selector style venue codes like SMBAW to select just metrops (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth).

Immediately below the above controls are the following check boxes that can be used to further refine what data is collected and how it is used:

Note there is a Stop button if you wish to stop the process during data collection and there is a "Sort in Time Order" checkbox for toggling the order of races (for use after races have loaded).

Race Day Live List Boxes

Once the above settings have been set and you click the GET DATA button, the left hand list box will fill with details of all the races you requested data for. Then the larger middle list box will fill with details for each race as selected in the left hand list box. The large middle list box has details for each runner in a race as follows:

Horses firming in their win prices are highlighted in blue text. Top rated horses are highlighted with a grey background and winners with a gold background (top rated winners with a grey-gold background). Note you can change races by clicking in the left hand list box of races. Once a given race is selected the following buttons can be used for race specific purposes:

Race Day Live Reports

Finally there are a number of additional buttons for accessing reports based on all the races in the left hand list box. These are as follows:

Note the “System Picks/Bets” button pops up a dialogue with all your system tests for the day listed so you can tick those you want included. After selecting the desired systems, click the “Process Selected System CSV Files” button – then system selections from these systems will be displayed in the lower left box on the main Race Day Live window as you move from race to race (you can also tick the “Display Selection List” checkbox to open an RTF document listing your system selections and if you also tick “Include Report Items”, report items from your system reports will be included list).

Race Day Live Betting Features

Race Day Live also includes betting features on the far right hand side of the window. These features used to be in a separate pop-up window called Tote Pro but have now been fully integrated into the Race Day Live window.

In addition to simple win, place and exotic betting you can also convert win betting prices into percentages and use them to arrive at predicted percentage chances for multiple exotic betting combinations. You can manage exotic betting combinations by applying upper and lower bounds as well as by adjusting standouts to be included or excluded. This is the professional way to bet but support is also provided for simpler "boxed" type multi bets. Full documentation can be found on our TAB Betting Help Page