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Race Day Live for NSW Race TAB Fields, Prices and Results

Bet Selector Race Day Live

Race Day Live for Race TAB Scratchings, Prices, Betting and Results

Race Day Live (previously called Race TAB Live) is the hub of Bet Selector because it gives you instant access to the days race fields, scratchings and results. New in the March 2018 program update, it works with or without form downloads as explained below:

Race Day Live is most frequently used on race day morning to automatically update race TAB scratchings. Then on race day evenings Race Day Live is used to automatically update TAB race results (a handy daily option to having to wait until the end of each month for the master TAB result download files).

Note: Race Day Live only collects the necessary data when you request it (viz after you click a button telling it to do so) and does not collect or record TAB fluctuations or allow you to compare one TAB against another.

In the top left hand corner of the Race Day Live window are the following radio buttons for selecting the TAB data source:

Next on the Race Day Live window is a date drop down list for selecting the date (below this there is a "Work Offline" checkbox which can be used if you want to quickly access previously saved data without having to go to the Tatts feed for it). Then comes the following buttons to select which races you want to collect data for:

Immediately below the above buttons are check boxes for switching between gallops, trots and greyhounds plus one for including abandoned races. In addition the following check boxes can be used to further refine what data is used/collected:

Note that the defaults for all of the above settings can be changed in Bet Selector Ultimate using the Setup button in the far right bottom corner. Note also there is a Stop button if you wish to stop the process during data collection and there is a "List Races in Time Order" checkbox for toggling the order of races (for use after races have loaded).

Race Day Live List Boxes

Once the above setting have been set and you click one of the data collection buttons, the large left hand list box will fill with details of all the races you requested data for. Then the larger middle list box will fill with details for each race as selected in the left hand list box. The large middle list box has details for each runner in a race as follows:

Top rated horses are highlighted in grey and winners in gold (top rated winners in grey-gold). Note you can change races by clicking in the left hand middle list box of races. Once a given race is selected you can click the "Refresh Selected Race" button to refresh the TAB data for the selected race (without having to update all races at all meetings) while the "Open in TAB Web Site" button can be used to open the selected race in the TAB web site.

Finally there are a number of buttons across the bottom of the window for accessing various Price Predictor and/or System Selector features and reports based on the races in the left hand list box. These only work if you have meetings downloaded into the Price Predictor part of the program and/or have run systems in the System Selector part of the program.

Note: If you are looking for the old Tote Pro betting features these have been revamped and included on the far right hand side of Race Day Live. Full documentation on this can be found on our TAB Betting Help Page

Race Day Live Data Feeds

Race TAB Odds via Tattsbet (Unitab) JSON/XML

Race Day Live gives you real time access to Tattsbet's Race TAB info via either their newer JSON data feed or their older XML Odds feed (previously No account logins are required for accessing data but you will need to enter your Tattsbet/UBET details if you wish to use the betting features mentioned above.

You don't need to understand how the data feeds work to use Race Day Live but if you want to use Tattsbet data for your own software programs or spreadsheets then you can find more information on the XML feed at:

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