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Our Bet Selector Gold Software is Now Free


Horse racing software is essential these days to help you pick horse racing tips. To make sure you don't get left behind, we have made our popular Bet Selector Gold program free. That's right, this amazing software that helps you bet like a professional and used to cost $450 is now free! Get your copy now by sending an email with your first name in the subject line to

Our Bet Selector Gold horse racing software will help you pick winners regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced punter. Not only will this Australian betting software save you heaps of time, it will save you money too as it is now free!

Other betting software can cost tens of thousands of dollars and do much less than our Bet Selector horse racing software. As mentioned above, the popular Gold version of our horse racing software is now free making it the ideal horse racing program for picking your own horse racing selections. It comes highly recommended and is easy to use. What's more it really works, has heaps of functionality and is fully supported:

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Bonus 189 Horse Racing Systems in Free eBook

Our software comes with 189 Free Racing Systems built in but we will also send you these systems in an eBook in case you want to try them without the program. That's right, we will send you 189 free systems that can be used manually even if you never download or install the software!

If you are not yet ready for running a computer program then that's fine as you can just take advantage of the eBook with a copy of the above-mentioned 189 free systems  - just don't forget to email with your first name in the subject line to get this free eBook.

Just like a car needs petrol to run, the system testing features in our program needs form to run but unlike petrol, Bestform can be used more than once and has many other benefits:

There's no obligation to subscribe now to form downloads as you can trial the Bet Selector software with free sample form that comes with the program. So don't delay. Act now to lock in your free copy of Bet Selector Gold and free eBook of 189 systems as per the following instructions:

For a free eBook containing 189 free racing systems and a free copy of the Bet Selector Gold software (used to cost $450), just send an email with your first name in the subject line to