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Bet Selector Reviews by Punters Choice and RaceRate

Industry "watchdog" Punter's Choice reviewed our horse racing software as "excellent", "easy to learn" and "recommended to your attention"

When first released back in 1987, our Price Predictor software (as it was then called) was reviewed by Punter's Choice as "the first really good computerised weight handicapping method". Punter's Choice added that it was "excellent", "easy to learn" and "recommended to your attention". A few years later Punter's Choice reviewed an updated version of our horse racing handicapping software and confirmed it had "withstood the test of time". And the accolades continued in the 90's when Punter's Choice reviewed a major upgrade to the handicapping software as "User friendly, quality software backed by the skill and experience of the author."

Punter's Choice also reviewed our original Place Odds Calculator software (now included in the Tote Pro part of Bet Selector) describing it as "an exciting product" and "capable of making accurate assessments of reasonably precise and profitable place odds". And the accompanying Ultimate Place Betting Method was reviewed as "matching claimed strike rates with consistent profits emerging", "a place betting method with a difference" and "an exciting product".

RaceRate reviewed Bet Selector in 2011 and found it to be "a very good program" and "a very addictive program". Overall they gave Bet Selector a rating of "9 out of 10"

The website is no longer in operation so we have reproduced their review below. You can verify it via the "Internet Archive" at Bet Selector review.

A Review Of Bet Selector Software

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to have a play with and review the Bet Selector software.

Sure....why not? Nothing ventured nothing gained! Anyone who has been playing with trying to win on the punt for more than a few days would have come across references to this software and (from what I understand) its developer Neale Yardley.

Google in Bet Selector and you'll find it at the top of the free listings on the search page. Let me quote from the front page of the site:

The full version of our Bet Selector betting software is really five horse racing programs in one!

  • The original handicapping program Price Predictor.
  • The popular racing systems program System Selector that picks system selections.
  • The Tote Pro TAB betting software that uses our unique place betting maths for place and exotic betting.
  • The Race TAB Live TAB betting software for collecting TAB pre-race approximate dividends and post race TAB results, and
  • The System Analyser software module to help you design your own selection systems.

It does indeed in do all that and then some. Let me say right from the outset that I don't believe that this is a program for a real computer novice. If you struggle with sending an email, you'll get lost here. This is a very advanced program with a lot of features that I haven't even begun to utilise or access or fully understand yet and I have been playing with it on and off for a few weeks when I have had a little time to investigate its capabilities further.

Having said that, it is also fair to say that if you want software that will test out any system ideas you may have or utilise it for whizzing out system selections for tomorrow, this is the "bees knees" and it should not be too hard to learn in a reasonable space of time.

Assuming that you will be able to put in more time than I, you should be able to master even the most complex of its utilities in a few days of concentrated application and the results will be worthwhile. The online help site is very informative but I do stress that this is a complex piece of kit for anyone who is a real beginner in the world of racing and form analysis.

The download of the program is simple and straight forward - no dramas here - set up your passwords and away you go. It then becomes a matter of where you want this program to take you. Now you do have to also purchase form for the system to work. There are a few options here.

All business ventures have input costs so before you go down the road of saying, "I'm not paying for form and I can get for free", I'd have another look at the issue. I think you may find it's the best $55 a month you've spent in quite a while.

The fun then begins and here is a warning - this is a very addictive program as far as getting deeper and deeper in to what it can actually do! Hours just melt away as you do the old trial and error stuff before you get around to the online help pages. Isn't that why they print manuals for things? So you only bother reading it AFTER you've explored every other alternative and can't get it to work properly?

I note there are a few options purchasing this software from a bare bones basic model through to the whole shooting match. Sincerely, I would think from what I've been playing with so far, if you are going down this track, buy the Rolls Royce version rather than the basic model if you are familiar with fiddling with software programs. If you are a bit of a software novice you can buy the basic model and add the other modules on later if you decide it is for you - it costs no extra to do it that way from what I read on the site.

I know from my son in law computer programmer that when it comes to hardware, he tells me you should always buy the best you can possibly afford and I guess software is no different. I know, it costs money. But if you are serious about turning a few dollars from this, your chosen sport, it really is a powerful program that just may put the odds your way for a change. That's up to you to decide. When you look at what some folk spend on a set of golf clubs I guess it's no real big deal!

There are three versions ranging in price from $450 through to $950.

I think it's a very good program. I hope to get some more time to "play" with it over the slower Xmas / New Year break to fully get a handle on its capabilities and strengths and get to understand more of any weaknesses it may have.

After a few weeks of playing with, I give it a 9 out of 10. If that changes in the ensuing months as I get more and more familiar with the software, I'll update this review accordingly.

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