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Bet Selector Getting Started Guide

These pages contain Bet Selector support information for owners of the Bet Selector software. Basic "getting started" help can be found on this page while more detailed information can be found via the horizontal menu above where each menu item navigates to a separate page on a specific part of the program.

Before you can run the program you have to install it. This is done via download instructions that are emailed to you either (a) if you order a paid version of the program or (b) if you request the free version by sending an email with your first name in the subject line to

Note: If you expected an email as above but did not receive one then please email your contact and/or payment details to us at

When you first run the program and attempt to do anything with it, you will be presented with a password dialogue displaying a "computer code". Simply email the "computer code" to us as and we will email you back a password.

When using the program it will reveal the four main drop down menus as follows:

To view form and run system tests you need to download meeting form. You can get started quickly by downloading free sample meetings using the "Download Sample Meetings" option off the pull down Import menu. For more regular use you will need a monthly form download subscription as per our Form Import web page.

Note: It is your responsibility to back up the contents of your program folder (c:\price) and we recommend you do this periodically (eg to CD or USB drive) so you can restore the program and all your past data if needed. When doing this you should copy every single file in the program folder as when restoring, the program and past data is only guaranteed to be trouble free if the restored folder and contents is identical to that originally backed up.

Getting Started FAQ

System Selector FAQ

Common Problems

Following are some solutions to common problems you might come across.

If you have a question that is not answered by the above FAQs or on one of our other support pages then you can email us for help (see contact details at end of page).