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Bet Selector Selection Poll System

There are two main ways you can improve your chances of winning from using selection polls. The first is to use what we call a Selection Poll System that has rules to eliminate certain selections. The second is to just view selection polls as they appear in the VIEW EXTRA FORM part of Bet Selector (via Price Predictor off the pull down RUN menu).

The best horse from the Selection Poll is the top Selection Poll horse which by definition is the horse with the highest number of points in the Selection Poll most favoured column (calculated by assigning for each poll column 4 points for first, 3 points for second, 2 points for third and 1 point for fourth). The only problem with the top Selection Poll horse is that because it is top or near top in more or all of the Selection Poll columns, it can be over bet and at short odds. In this article we will introduce you to a couple of Selection Poll systems and explain how you can set up a system in Bet Selector Ultimate to pick the top Selection Poll horse and apply additional elimination rules to maximise your returns.

Selection Poll System Examples

If you use Bet Selector Ultimate then you will know you can actually use the System Selector part of the program to calculate the selection poll points and pick the top selection poll horse. What's more you can use it to pick top selection poll horses that are clear from the second poll horse by at least a certain number of points.

Following are the steps required to set up a Selection Poll system in the System Selector part of Bet Selector Ultimate.

1. Enter the Selection Poll Points Calculation. Go to MyCalc via the pull down RUN menu, click the "New" button, copy the following text into the big list box and then click the "Save As" button with a suitable name in the text box to the right of the "Save As" button, for example Poll Points.


Make sure you remove any spaces if pasting the above into Bet Selector.

2. Start a New System in System Selector. Go to System Selector via the pull down RUN menu, click "Add Blank System" and then "Edit System". This brings up a new system rules template and the first thing you should do is enter a name into the System Name box. Note the name must include BR$24 PR$24 as this forces the system to calculate Better and Plus ratings for all horses (this data is required for the selection poll points calculation).

3. Link the Points Calculation into the System. Go to the "MyCalc Criteria" at the top right of the rules screen and use the "Calc Name" drop down list to select the points calculation set up in the MyCalc part of the program (it will be listed with the same name you used when you saved it in MyCalc).

4. Set the Rule for Picking the Top Poll Horse. To do this just change the "Calc Rank" maximum from 24 to 1.

5. Apply Other Rules as Required. If in addition to picking the top poll horse you'd like there to be a gap of at least (say) 3 points to the next horse then change the "Gap Diff" minimum from 0 to 3. Or if you'd like top poll horses but only with (say) 12 points or more then change the "Calc Value" minimum from 0 to 12.

To see the settings John Macmahon from Arismac uses click here