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PLEASE NOTE: Form downloads for Bet Selector were $55 a month from 2007 to 2021 but due to increased costs and inclusions increased to $65 a month from 1 April 2021.

Form downloads started out at $55 a month back in 2007. Due to CPI increases alone the monthly price should now be close to $75 and that's ignoring the fact that the price was never increased when costs increased due to the inclusion of new data (for example in 2013 when AAP 100 point ratings and pre-post market prices were added) - taking these increases into account the price should now be over $85 a month.

More recently (from early 2020) there have been significant resources required to move the download service to the Bet Selector web site not to mention (from mid 2020) the creation and maintenance of jockey rating and class rating databases that are now integrated into the form downloads every day to ensure ratings are as up to date and beneficial as can be.

In light of the above and a desire to keep prices on the low side, a $10 increase to $65 a month was decided upon.

Form Download News

Form Download Payments

Form downloads for Bet Selector are due by the 28th of each month. Some points on how this works can be found below:

Form Download Features

The real advantage of using form downloads is that Bet Selector can then access both past and upcoming horse racing meetings for analysis and system testing. We provide horse racing data for Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore gallops.

Just like a car needs petrol to run, the system testing features in our program needs form to run but unlike petrol, the form downloads can be used more than once and have many other benefits:

Note form is sourced from Mediality Racing (formerly AAP) who are the major supplier to newspapers and online web sites. More news on Mediality Racing can be found on our Form Analyser page.