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Bet Selector Bestform Form Guide Downloads

Bestform Form Downloads

Bestform can be used simply to logon and view form for all Australian, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore meetings but the real advantage of having a 7 day a week Bestform subscription is that you can download form for all these meetings into Bet Selector. Bet Selector (even the free Gold version) can then access both past and upcoming horse racing meetings for analysis and system testing.

Just like a car needs petrol to run, the system testing features in our program needs form to run but unlike petrol, Bestform can be used more than once and has many other benefits:

At $55 a month the cost works out to just $1.80 a day so check it out now via the following link:

Click Here for the Best Form web site

Use the above link or go to to see the last 7 days info absolutely free of charge.

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