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Form Analyser Downloads for Bet Selector

Previously users of the AAP Form Analyser racing program could have their Form Analyser data imported into Bet Selector. Form Analyser is no longer being actively promoted as a standalone program (it was replaced by an online version) but long term Form Analyser clients may be eligible for an option to use Form Analyser XML form files in Bet Selector. Of course all other users have access to Bet Selector's own form download service described in more detail on our Form Import page.

AAP Form Analyser History

AAP Form Analyser evolved out of AAP Racing's earlier Racing Centre (DOS and Windows) program which in turn evolved out of AAP Racing's Fastform (DOS) program. All of these programs including AAP Form Analyser allowed you to download text based form printouts from AAP Racing for display and analysis.

As the AAP Racing programs evolved the form analyser features became more extensive as did the data structures used to store the racing form. In particular Form Analyser converted the AAP form downloads into a relational dBase format similar to Bet Selector which made Bet Selector's task of importing AAP form even easier (previously Bet Selector decoded the AAP Racing text format but with the release of AAP Form Analyser Bet Selector could tap into the Form Analyser data files).

More recently AAP provides form in XML format for commercial clients and in 2020 changed their name to Mediality Racing.