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Testimonials for our Horse Racing Betting System Software

Users have said Bet Selector is "fantastic", "a great investment" and "the best value for money around"

Not only does Punters Choice consider our Bet Selector Horse Betting System software (formerly Price Predictor) as "excellent" and "recommended to your attention", users will tell you the same as can be seen from the following comments about our horse betting system program.

Recent Testimonials

The following comments from users over recent years will give you an idea of just how well regarded our Bet Selector software is:

User comments on our support and standing in the industry

The following comments from Bet Selector users illustrate just how successful our Bet Selector software has been in the marketplace over more than 25 years:

User comments on System Analyser

The following comments were made by users after a number of major updates to the System Analyser part of the program:

User comments on the program's ratings

The following comments were made by users after we introduced a par times database in 2009 that dramatically improved the software's ability to rate past runs:

Many of the comments above were made a number of years ago about the original Bet Selector Gold software when it was our top of the line program costing many hundreds of dollars. Now Bet Selector Gold has even more features than when first introduced and is free so you'd be mad not to get yourself a copy - even if you don't plan to use it! Just follow the instructions in the box below to get your copy.