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Place Betting Systems for Backing Favourites

Place Betting System

How to Place Bet on Favorites for a Living

The best way to profit from place betting is to compound the returns from a betting system with a very high strike rate (around 90%). This place betting system is perfect for this and can be easily applied with just a basic form guide (no computer required).

Discover the secrets to turning $15 very safely into $157.28 by putting 5 highly secure place bets on favourites. Guaranteed Horse Betting Profits - even if you've never placed a bet before in your life!

"I made $6,854 from $17 - and now everyone (including my boss) is begging me to reveal my secret! Please hide your website" - Comrie Graham, Sydney.

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Note: The comments referred to above have been sourced from the vendors web site (which can be referred to via the above link for more information).

Not only does the above place betting eBook provide you with a great betting system but it is also a great introduction to betting. Below is a list of what is covered:

Finally there is a bonus chapter on how to use the place bet selections to make trifecta bets!

While the above place betting system does not require the use of a computer, we have been able to analyse the method in our Bet Selector Ultimate software. In doing so we have found that it works very well on the more popular Saturday Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane meetings where the strike rate last year (2012) was 89%. If you want to check this betting system out for yourself then please read the following notes in conjunction with Chapter 3 of the eBook:

This betting system works so well that you can even increase betting activity without any reduction in strike rate by relaxing some of the rules a little (eg rules 1, 2 and 6) . Note this is because of the superior results on Saturday Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane meetings but please note if you wish to apply the method to other days of the week or to non-metrops you should be more careful about relaxing any of the rules (indeed you may find you need to tighten some).

Bonus Rule: The betting systems strike rate can be increased by around 4% if the horse is also required to be favorite in the early market (as sourced from Bet Selector or your Friday newspaper form guide).

A History of Place Betting Systems

Back in the early 90s we devised a much more complicated place betting system that produced similar results to the above method. It used last minute win tote approximates to predict first, second and third place probabilities and in turn the total predicted place chances - it then used these to target place bets predicted to have at least an 80% chance and at least 10% over the odds. Quite often this betting system identified horses predicted to be as short as $1.05 yet paying $1.20 or more - which was a massive overlay in percentage terms. This method was successful because punters shy away from short priced dividends and not surprisingly it was independently reviewed by Punter's Choice as "matching claimed strike rates with consistent profits emerging". The How to Place Bet on Favorites betting system above works for the same reasons but is now our recommended approach to place betting as it is so much easier to apply.

Note: Place betting systems by definition only collect when a runner finishes first, second or third in fields of 8 or more runners (or 7 in the event of a late scratching). In fields of 5, 6 or 7 (or 4 in the event of a late scratching) place dividends are only paid for first and second while with 4 or less starters no place dividends are paid. This applies in most parts of the world but in North America a bet that pays up to third place is called a "show" bet while a "place" bet only pays for first and second.

Our older method of calculating place probabilities was part of our Place Odds Calculator software first released for $1,995 in 1995. It was reviewed by Punter's Choice as "an exciting product" and "capable of making accurate assessments of reasonably precise and profitable place odds" - it is no longer available as a separate program but the same calculations are now incorporated in the Tote Pro part of our Bet Selector Gold software which is now free via the instructions below and includes a free copy of our Place Odds and Trifecta Report  that describes the mathematics in more detail.