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Tote Pro Professional Exotic Betting Software

Tote Pro Now Part of Race Day Live

New: Bet Selector now sends bets direct to UBET (Tattsbet)

Bets can now be placed directly with UBET/Tattsbet at the click of a button (previously it could only send bets to Tattsbet via Tattsbet's Netbet Pro program but now this is no longer available we have taken the direct approach).

Tote Betting Basics

The power of Race Day Live's betting functionality lies in its ability to vary the number of selections and the bet sizes for individual selections and/or exotic combinations. The advantage of this is most pronounced when betting exotics like trifectas, quinellas, exactas and first fours but even with win, place and each way bets it can instantly decide how much you need to bet on a number of selections so as to ensure a similar return regardless of the price of each selection.

With trifectas, quinellas, exactas and first fours you can select varying number of runners for each placing which gives rise to what we call a "multi" bet (as there are multiple numbers of selections for each placing). The more advanced option is when you want to bet individual combinations separately and with varying bet sizes. For example the most favoured trifecta combination might be 1-2-3 but rather than box these three runners the smarter approach recognises that 3-2-1 is less favoured and should be bet with a lesser amount than the 1-2-3 combination.

When using the software you simply click a radio button to choose the bet type (eg trifecta, exacta etc) and then tick (or don't tick) the "Multi" checkbox which basically gives you two modes of bet creation for each bet type (namely "multi" when selections are grouped together and "non-multi" when combinations are bet separately). The above gives rise to a variety of bet creation possibilities, all of which are summarised in the following sections.

Win and Place Bet Types

Win, place and each-way bet types as follows:

Quinella and Exacta Bet Types

Quinella and exacta bet types as follows:

Trifecta and First 4 Bet Types

Trifecta and first 4 bet types as follows:

Some of the above bet creations are a bit hard to visualise so the best way to learn about them is to use the software and simply click the relevant buttons and view the bet files that are created.

Picking Selections for 1st through 4th

The bet types discussed above naturally require you to have first selected runners for first, second, third etc. Tote Pro provides numerous data entry controls as follows to help you do this. These are outlined below starting with the most obvious controls which are the checkboxes for picking individual runners:

Picking a Price Basis for Ordering Selections

As mentioned above, runners can be selected according to their order in a priced market. Various markets are available for selection via a drop down list as follows:

Any one of the above options can be used for counting and selecting runners and also for calculating exotic betting probabilities. Note another drop down with identical choices can be used to select what we call "Comparative" prices. This is for advanced use and allows the software to determine whether runners and combinations are priced over or under the odds.

Advanced Exotic Controls

Following are some more advanced controls that can be applied when betting individual exotic combinations.

Defaults for most of the above settings can be changed in Bet Selector Ultimate using the Setup function via the pull down FILE menu (note however that changes to the defaults will only take effect for newly imported meeting files).

Creating and Sending Bets

The following controls relate to bet creation and automatic betting.

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