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Horse Racing Betting and Punting eBooks

Horse Racing Betting and Punting eBooks

If you are new to horse race betting then below are the two most popular third party punting and betting eBooks we have ever recommended. Both are very economically priced (both under $50) so please check them out now.

How to Place Bet on Favourites eBook

Place Bet Favourites

Discover the secrets to turning $15 very safely into $157.28 by putting 5 highly secure place bets on favourites.

"I made $6,854 from $17 - and now everyone (including my boss) is begging me to reveal my secret! Please hide your website!" - Comrie Graham, Sydney.

The author has used this system to make consistent profits since 1992. Everyone knows that favorites have a high chance of winning and placing but what this method does is select only certain types of favorites that have an extremely high chance of winning and placing.

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Note: The comments referred to above have been sourced from the vendors web site (which can be referred to via the above link for more information).

More Horse Racing eBooks and Systems

If you are interested in another eBook on trifecta betting check out International Trifecta Betting. It is also designed for Australian racing and has plenty of low cost/high return trifecta methods.

If you are interested in systems specifically designed for Bet Selector then we suggest you check out Grandstand Publishing who have been selling Bet Selector systems for nearly two decades. You can check out their web site now at Grandstand

Finally, don't forget our totally free eBook of 189 horse racing systems that can be operated with or without our program. They are available via the instructions below:

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