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Win Betting Tips for Professional Punting

Of all the win betting tips we could give you, the best win betting tip (as used by professional punters) is that percentages are the key to win betting.

The reason for this is that when win betting you should bet in proportion to the win betting percentage chances. Basically this means win betting more on win bets when the win chances are higher and less on win bets when the win chances are lower.

Percentages the Key Win Betting

Percentages are the key not just to determining individual win betting bet sizes.

Our second win betting tip is that you can also use them to limit how many runners you should win bet if win betting more than one runner in a race. An understanding of percentages is required as taking a fixed number of win bets, say the top two, or three or even five gives no regard to the win betting percentage chances covered by the individual win bets.

In some races for example the top three win bets may account for more than 80% of the win betting chances whereas in other races they may account for less than 40% of the win betting chances.

To get a similar percentage coverage no matter what the win betting chances, you must convert each win betting price to a win percentage and add the percentages as you 'count' through the top win betting chances. This can be done in the Tote Pro part of Bet Selector.

Tote Pro now Free

Tote Pro is not available in our demo program but is included in the Gold version which is free under certain conditions - for details just send us an email as per the instructions in the box below.