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Trifecta and First Four Betting Systems

Our Tote Pro software and "Place Odds and Trifecta Report" will teach you about advanced trifecta betting mathematics. If you'd like a free copy of both by return email just send an email with your first name in the subject line to

The professional approach to trifecta betting is to bet each combination individually with varying amounts. But rather than base trifecta predictions on win chances one must use place chances because the order of favouritism for second and particularly third can be different from that for the win. Put another way, the trifecta chances of three runners depending on the win chances of every other runner in the race! As a result, we can show that a trifecta of three runners at say $3, $4 and $5 will actually have different chances of occurring and pay different amounts depending on the chances of the other runners in the race.

Our "Place Odds and Trifecta Report" explains all this in much more detail and our Tote Pro software applies all the necessary calculations. Tote Pro was described by the late trifecta genius Peter Bent as "the very best trifecta program on the market" adding that "I know what features a good trifecta program should include and believe me when I say this program includes all those features and then some".

Tote Pro used to sell separately for $1,995 but is now fully integrated into our Bet Selector Gold software and above. For a free copy of this software plus a free copy of our "Place Odds and Trifecta report" just send an email with your first name in the subject line to

Trifecta Bet Types

To maximise your chances of picking the trifecta you need to bet more than just a single combination

When betting a Trifecta you get paid a dividend by picking the first three place getters in order. To maximise your chances of wining you need to bet a number of combinations. Following are ways to do this from simple (and inefficient) to more complicated (and more profitable):

Don't forget our "Place Odds and Trifecta Report". It along with our free Tote Pro software shows you how to bet individual trifecta combinations with individual amounts like the professionals do. A link to the report and software will be sent to you by return email when you request the free eBook by following the instructions in the box below.