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Race Ratings for Australia, NZ, Hong Kong and Singapore Horse Racing

If you want to see our program's past race ratings and future horse race ratings (including rated prices and race ratings selection polls) then you can see this info for free once you purchase a Form Import subscription. You can also see a sample past day free of charge via the free Bet Selector Gold program.

To get a copy of the free Bet Selector Gold program just send an email to with your first name in the subject line.

Following is some feedback from clients on Bet Selector's ratings:

It's a great achievement to be able to produce ratings which will return a level stakes profit backing the top rated horse in every race.  I was sufficiently impressed by this unexpected claim to support each of the selections which you kindly emailed to me, and I'm glad I did.  Very high profits for both win and place -- most impressive! (J.V., Brisbane)

You couldn't ask for a better first time result on the top rated. Congratulations with the new ratings. I personally followed them right up when Natural Blitz won at Caulfield, which was not selected so well by anyone and astounded me when it won.  (L.G., Tas)

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