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Jockey Challenge Betting, Place Card Betting and Black Books

Jockey Challenge, Place Cards and Black Books

The Jockey Challenge is one of the more popular horse racing betting products released in recent years. Another innovative bet type you will find online are Placecards. Details on these and online Black Book services can be found below.

Jockey Challenge Betting

The Jockey Challenge revolves around trying to pick which jockey will be the most successful on on the day at a given horse racing meeting. The jockey challenge winner for a given horse racing meeting is the jockey that scores the most points based on getting 3 points for a winning ride, 2 points for a second place ride and 1 point for a third place ride.

Points for jockey challenges are shared in the event of dead heats as follows. If there is a dead heat for first place in a race then the points for 1st and 2nd are shared (so both jockeys get half of 5 or 2.5 points each and the jockey of the next horse gets 1 point). If there is a dead heat for second place in a race then the points for 2nd and 3rd are shared (so both jockeys gets half of 3 or 1.5 points each). If there is a dead heat for third place in a race then the point for 3rd get shared (so both jockeys get half of 1 or 0.5 points each). Note that regardless of the dead heat situation, there are only ever 6 points allocated amongst the jockeys per race for the jockey challenge.

Jockey Challenge Betting

Most online betting operators have Jockeys Challenge betting for TAB horse racing meetings, for example:

Click here for Ladbrokes Jockey Challenge

Note that Jockey Challenge markets via the above links are usually only available on race day in the lead up to the first race at each meeting.

Jockey Challenge Tips and Predictions

There are two main ways you can try to predict which jockey will end up with the most wins or points for the day at a horse racing meeting. The first way is to look at a jockeys past strike rate and compare that with how many rides they have at the meeting. The second way is to use betting markets or rated predictions to predict where each jockey will place in each race. This second approach is a bit of a challenge but also more accurate as the first method will come unstuck if a good jockey has a book of bad rides or vice versa. Using betting markets or rated predictions to predict jockey challenge points scores is something that is being considered for inclusion in our Bet Selector software.

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