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Bet Selector and PPFA

Bet Selector's horse ratings system for generating horse ratings for past races underwent a major change in 2009 leading to massive improvements in the program's ability to pick value priced winners. Until then Bet Selector could only rate past runs at just 50 of the major tracks (and even for some of them it was just a close approximation). Now thanks to Steven Angelides work on par times at PPFA, Bet Selector can now accurately rate past runs at all track conditions and distances from over 700+ tracks including New Zealand and Hong Kong!

Feedback on the new Horse Ratings

Here is some client feedback on the new horse ratings system.

Professional Punters Form Analysis (PPFA)

As Steven Angelides has contributed greatly to Bet Selector's ratings ability, it is only fair we mention his Bet Selector add-on for handicapping enthusiasts called PPFA. Following are a selection of eBooks from Steven that will help both PPFA users and non-users alike with their punting.

The above are just a selection of Steven's eBooks and a full set of more than 20 books are available if you purchase the PPFA add-on. If you don't have PPFA and are interested then please visit and email us at for special upgrade pricing.