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Grandstand Publishing Systems from Barry Hughes

Grandstand Publishing has been Australia's leading publisher of horse racing systems for over 20 years and for nearly 10 years all Grandstand Publishing systems have been designed for use in Bet Selector.

New Grandstand Publishing systems are released a few times each year authored and researched by their main racing analyst Barry Hughes and co-contributors Alan Brady and Julie Hayes.

If you have paid more than $150 in recent months for any of Grandstand Publishing systems then you are eligible for discounts of at least $250 on most Bet Selector versions (note this applies to new purchases, not upgrades). For a special quote just email us at with details of what Grandstand Publishing systems you have purchased over the past 12 months.

Grandstand Publishing Contact Details

For more details on Grandstand Publishing and their racing analyst Barry Hughes go to the Grandstand Publishing web site at

You can contact Barry Hughes and Grandstand Publishing by mail at Grandstand Publishing, PO Box 94, Wooli NSW 2462.

You can also ring Grandstand on (02) 6649 8285 to talk to racing analyst Barry Hughes or office manager Joan Hughes.

Note also that Grandstand's systems include screen shots showing you how to enter their rules into Bet Selector - something you only need do once as from then on it is just a matter of a few button clicks to get the system selections. Most of these systesm can even be used with the free Bet Selector Gold program which you can get via the instructions in the box below.