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Follow the Smart Money and win 9 times out of 10

This sports betting system is ideal as an AFL betting system and takes just 70 seconds to apply. It exploits a proven statistical winning trend to ensure a 90% plus win rate.

Check out the Smart Money web site below and you'll find out just how happy their clients are including Vicki Cao from Cairns QLD who says "I'm thrilled to say it shows incredible returns. I've made $622.65 using small $15 bets"

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Note: The comments referred to above have been sourced from the vendors web site (which can be referred to via the above link for more information). The above sports betting system is designed for use on most sports (not just AFL) including all football codes plus sports like basketball, baseball, tennis and boxing.

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AFL Tips and Results

Bet Selector author Neale Yardley is often asked about AFL tips. His favourite AFL betting strategy is to simply bet the home team as he believes they still have an advantage that is not always factored into the AFL odds. Favourites in certain odds ranges might also be worth following and more on these strategies can be found on his NRL page.

Current AFL results can be found on the Australian Football League's official AFL site at

Please note that most past AFL result sites do not include AFL odds so you may wish to keep your own records on these if trying to ascertain AFL betting profitability.